Although not all Undernet Channels have rules, we have some guidelines in place to protect our users from abuse. You must follow our rules or you can be booted or denied from the channel, whether temporarily or permanently, depending on how you acted on the channel.

  • Respect Everyone. You may freely open any topic whenever you wish in the main, whatever would you want to tackle, as long as it's not in any form of racism or hate speech directly to anyone in the channel. This instantly warrants a ban.

  • Channel Language. English, Filipino, Portuguese, Romanian, etc languages in the main channel is completely fine. Here in #TLC, we promote fun and engaging discussion as a global fun chat channel, but please be ready to make translations when asked or deemed necessary.

  • Religion, Drugs, Sex, Politics or Violence. These topic discussions may be allowed provided that nobody will get offended. If a user report may happen due to this matter, then the offender will be dealt accordingly. This instantly warrants a ban.

  • Swearing/Cussing. For our daily chatter's delight, fun and entertainment, don't worry, swearing/cussing in the main is NOT forbidden. We even count the number of fucks you mentioned! :) However, make sure that any bad words are not going to be said directly towards to someone inside the channel just to specifically harass, abuse, or bully. This instantly warrants a ban.

  • Refrain from spamming and posting URLs (web addresses) or IRC channel names unless you are voiced or opped.

  • User Commands. Be gentle on using the helpful and fun commands (!w, !horo, !slap, !kiss, !hug, !spank, etc). Any form of abuse to spam the channel using this commands will merit initially a kick. Progressive behavior will merit a ban.

  • Channel invites done in the main is restricted. This may warrant a long-term ban.

  • Flooding the channel will also result to a long-term ban.

  • Co-channeling. Any users that will sit in pædo/incest, attack (troll), or other gross socially unacceptable channels is strictly prohibited. This instantly warrants a kick or a ban.

  • Do not beg for ops. If you are qualified and needed, we will ask and grant you access.

  • Please use appropriate nicks. In relation to this, you may use any IRC clients provided that the default settings like nicks/ident/real name are properly configured from your IRC client before joining. Flooding is unacceptable.

Ops Guidelines