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Welcome to my personal webpage. I am delighted that you are dropping by. Feel free to explore and while there's not much to see on here, I'm happy to share what I have here on my site. 

I have my 24/7 radio stream up for IRC listeners. If the stream is off, you can send me an email to report. 

If you love cooking, I have a few of the recipes I usually cook in my kitchen. You can give them a try.

One of the few things I kind of do during my spare time would be messing with my IRC scripts. Most of them, I did not create from scratch, but I modified them according to my preference and how I wanted them to work for my Undernet channels. 

Feel free to explore and discover stuff that I share here now and then.  And if you wish to interact, of course, don't hesitate to contact me, by leaving a chat message in the Chatango box below, clicking the Help on the right, or just sending me an email




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